The consequences of a Halloween candy binge

As autumn leaves begin to fall from the trees, the nights grow colder, and the endless stream of horror movies start to cycle on TV, we know that Halloween is nearly upon us. While some prepare for the change of season by bringing their exercise routine indoors, and frequenting the gym more often, there is another, often overlooked, element of preparation that should be considered: how to prevent Halloween candy binge eating.

Whether it was an annual tradition when you were a child or teenager, or a now yearly occurrence as you snitch at your kid’s bag of goodies after a night of trick or treating, you’ve likely binged on Halloween candy. And when you do so, the aftermath is never pretty, as you wake up the next day with a sugar hangover covered in candy wrappers, and feeling bloated and guilty. Even worse, your child may throw a tantrum if they catch you red-handed, but let’s assume you didn’t go there…

Regardless of whose candy you ate and when, you probably didn’t realize just how many calories you devoured in your ravenous moment of sugar ecstasy, nor were you aware of how long it will take to burn them off. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of today’s most popular Halloween candies, how many calories are in them, and the amount of time it will take you to shake them off performing some common exercises: running, swimming and cycling. Knowing this, you’ll have a better understanding of what kind of Black Sunday workout is needed to lose all those candy calories.


Calories (per 5 miniature cups) - 220
Running - 17 mins
Swimming - 15 mins
Cycling - 39 mins

Snickers and Twix

Calories (per 2 fun-size bars) - 160
Running - 12 mins
Swimming - 11 mins
Cycling - 28 mins


Calories (per 2 fun-size snacks) - 170
Running - 13 mins
Swimming - 12 mins
Cycling - 30 mins

Tootsie Rolls

Calories (per 5 pieces) - 117
Running - 9 mins
Swimming - 8 mins
Cycling - 20 mins

Candy Corn

Calories (per 19 pieces) - 140
Running - 10 mins
Swimming - 9 mins
Cycling - 23 mins

Still want to indulge?

While a single night of binging on Halloween candy won’t suddenly explode your waistline, these are just some numbers to show you the repercussions a night of Halloween candy binging can have. If you return to your normal fitness habits on November 1, and continue on your normal diet, you’ll likely see no difference in your waistline. But if you just want to be sure, maybe planning an exercise marathon a day or two after Halloween isn’t a bad idea.

Want more exercise tips? Thinking about moving your fitness routine indoors to a local gym? Call us today to learn more; and in the meantime, we wish a happy Halloween to you and your families.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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