4 flat stomach myths exposed

A flat stomach. You want it and it’s easy to see why. There is nothing better than going to the beach in a bikini and making everyone’s head turn. And with winter nearly upon us, you have time to get that dream body before your Spring Break or summer excursions to the beach. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad advice on what you should do to get a flat stomach. We take the time to debunk four of these myths so that you can focus on what works.

Myth #1 - You can crunch your way to a flat stomach

There is a beautiful world of ab and core workouts beyond the crunch and its many variations. It’s amazing how many women don’t understand that working out the core involves all kinds of different exercise. Even if you mix in a few planks here and there, you are still missing out on ways to engage your abs.

One overlooked way to help flatten your tummy is doing squats. While squats are primarily a leg workout, they also force you to engage your core to stabilize your body. While isolation exercises are good, trying to find compound exercise to engage your core while working out will help you in your quest for a flat stomach.

Myth #2 - Cardio can compensate for strength exercises

While doing a lot of cardio will help you eliminate the fat around your midsection, and that is always a good thing, it won’t always give your stomach the firmness and definition you are looking for. That’s because some cardio equipment like elliptical machines don’t really engage your core all that much.

If you really want a firm stomach, or even defined abs, you are going to need to do exercises that target these areas. If that doesn’t really interest you all that much, maybe think about taking up a sport which utilizes the core. Tennis, soccer and even golf require you use your core muscles, improving strength in the process. These activities can also provide a way for you and your partner to get some exercise together.

Myth #3 - You can’t eat carbs

Sure, there are plenty of women who have given up carbs and ended up obtaining a firm stomach. But there are also plenty of women who have continued to eat carbs and nevertheless obtained the same result. The key is to eat healthy carbs. Those from whole grains, fruits and vegetables are totally acceptable to eat, and even encouraged, as they have numerous other health benefits as well as serving as fuel for your body. Not all carbs are created equally, however. Make sure you avoid the unhealthy ones that can end up giving you a belly.

Myth #4 - Don’t get down on yourself

Too many women get caught up in what they see in the mirror and on the scale, and become discouraged if the results don’t match up perfectly with what they envisaged. The problem is that no two bodies are the same. If you have been trying to obtain the body of a famous actress or singer, it will never look exactly like her’s. Instead, be happy with the progress you do make over the course of the next few months, because you have worked really hard to achieve it.

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Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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