Why you should add push-ups to your workout

While many of us may have unhappy memories of push-ups from childhood gym classes and sport practice, this classic exercise deserves to be reconsidered from an adult perspective. Not only is it incredibly simple to perform, but it can also provide a quick way to stay on top of your health and exercise routine if you’re running short on time. Here are five reasons you should seriously consider including push-ups in your exercise routine.

Increase upper body strength

Push-ups target several muscle groups in your upper body, and can significantly improve your strength. From pectorals to deltoids, triceps and more, push-ups work a variety of muscles that, if exercised often, are sure to garner you some second looks from the local gym hotties or bystanders at the beach.

Tone your tummy

As long as you’re keeping your spine straight and not raising or sagging your butt, then every muscle in your core is getting a workout when you do a push-up. That means that if you do your push-ups correctly, you essentially get two muscle groups - both your upper body and abs - worked for the price of one exercise.

Build bone mass

As we age, our bone mass decreases, which is why older individuals are more prone to broken bones than young people. One way to keep your bone mass strong as you age is to do weight-bearing exercises. And since push-ups bear weight on your wrists, elbows, forearms, shoulders and other bones, they’re a great way to keep a healthy bone mass as you get older.

Boost your metabolism

If you’ve done a set of push-ups recently, you’re likely well aware of how they almost instantly increase your heart rate. What you might not know, however, is that in the process they’re also boosting your metabolic rate, which helps with weight loss. This happens because your body is working hard, exercising numerous muscles simultaneously.

And to go along with this metabolic boost, push-ups can also provide a quick energy boost if you’re feeling sluggish. Because they get your heart pumping fast, push-ups improve your circulation, which in turn jump-starts your brain and gives you a fresh focus. So the next time you’re thinking about reaching for a cup of coffee when you’re feeling tired and unfocused, try doing a few sets of push-ups and you’re sure to get a natural energy boost.

Push-ups can be done anywhere, in a short amount of time

Whether you’re at your gym, at home or even the office, three sets of pushups can be done anywhere and in a matter of ten minutes. So if you want a quick exercise that can be done on your lunch break or at home in front of the TV, even if you’re short on time, push-ups are an excellent choice.

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Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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