Legs for days: squats to shape your lower body

Think all squats are equal? Think again. There are countless types of squats and many of them focus on different areas of your lower body. Not only do squats tone your legs and perk up your butt, they are a great way to burn fat. While the boring, normal body weight squats are good, here are five different types of squats that will have your legs looking even better.

Goblet Squat

Let’s start at the back. Your back that is. The goblet squat is a great way to firm up your backside without having to worry about knees. This one requires a dumbbell that should be of a moderate weight. To start, stand up straight while holding the dumbbell with two hands under your chin and in line with your collarbone. Squat down and then explode upwards. You should feel this one in your rear end as well as your quad muscles.

Sumo Squat

Don’t worry, doing this squat won’t give you the unflattering physique of a sumo wrestler. It’s actually a great way to target those tricky inner thigh muscles that don’t always get worked out. You are going to start by having your legs wide with toes pointed outward. Push your hips and back out and bend your knees. Then squat until your thighs are in line with your knees, before popping back up to standing position.

Squat Jack

Combine the best of squats and jumping jacks with this powerful move. Begin in the squat position and then jump your legs out in the same manner you would with a jumping jack. Don’t forget to stay low in the squat position. Finish the move by jumping your feet back in together. Don't come out of the squat position until you have done all your reps in a set. You should target three to five sets, with eight to 12 reps each.

Wall Squat

The dreaded wall squat, also known as the wall sit, is one of the best moves for improving the strength in your quad muscles. You’ll need a wall for this one. Place your back against the wall and place your feet out in front of you with your feet roughly hip distance apart. Then you want to bend your knees and let your back slide down the wall until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Hold the pose for 60-90 seconds for the best results.

Farmer’s Squat

One of the most interesting squat variations is the farmer’s squat. It gets its name from the routine of a farmer who walks around with buckets in both hands. Of course, you don’t need buckets; any two equal-weighted objects work. What you want to do is carry your objects for 10 feet or so, do 10 squats, turn around, walk back to where you started, and do 10 more squats.

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