5 reasons to get motivated for leg day

You’ve worked out just about every upper body muscle there is this week. Your biceps are bulging, your pecs are popping and your back is cut. It’s time to focus on the lower body, but you don’t really feel like it. Leg day doesn’t have to be a drag.

Working out your lower body, aka ‘leg day’, is something many of us continue to ignore. Unlike upper-body lifting, where results are visible, working out the lower body doesn’t give you the same visual appeal. That, combined with the perceived monotony of leg lifts, sees people skip it altogether. Here are a few reasons for you to be motivated for your next leg day.

1. Burn more fat

It doesn’t matter whether you are aiming to lose the love handles or going for a six-pack; leg day will help you burn more fat. The larger the muscle you work out, the more fat you’ll burn. Guess what? The quads and glutes are two of the biggest muscles in the body, and they both happen to be in the legs. By working out these two behemoths, your body will burn more calories and increase your lean muscle mass. In fact, a strenuous leg day can be better for losing weight than than some forms of cardio you can do at the gym.

2. Build a base

If you think of your body like a tree, then your legs are the trunk that provides a foundation to support the upper body. Becoming too top-heavy places additional pressure on your knees, hips and back, which can lead to problems like arthritis, bone spurs and other joint issues. Strong legs will help you take the pressure off your joints while allowing you to support your upper body better.

3. Work out more muscles

Unlike most upper-body lifts which tend to workout one muscle exclusively, quite a few leg lifts benefit many different muscles throughout the body. Deadlifts, for instance, are not only a good way to improve leg strength, but also work out your chest and lower back. Just because you are working on your legs doesn’t mean the rest of the body is being neglected.

4. Lots of variety

Some people think there are only a small number of leg lifts to do. In reality, most leg lifts have lots of different variations which can help keep leg day exciting. For example, there are almost countless types of squats you can do. Some can be challenging, like the one-legged squat, while others - such as Russian squat jumps - can be pretty fun.

5. Don’t be a meme

Leg extension exercise man at gym indoor workout

The internet is full of memes of people who continue to skip leg day. Often times they feature individuals with massive upper bodies and scrawny legs. Not only are they funny, they highlight just how illogical some of us can be when it comes to weight training. Massive upper bodies and tiny little legs do not look sexy or healthy. Doing leg day will ensure your body stays symmetrical, attractive and away from the internet meme circuit.

Leg day doesn’t have to be a downer. If anything, it should be the day at the gym you are excited for. Not only do you burn more calories during leg day, you’ll also be helping out your upper body both directly and indirectly. With a little research, you can find new leg lifts to be doing which can help make each lower body workout seem a little different. Sure, ripped arms and a chiseled torso look nice, but strong legs are necessary to help keep your body looking its best.

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Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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