Busy or not, here’s how to squeeze in a workout

We’re all busy. And this means that everyone has a good excuse to blow off exercise. Yet somehow, some of the most productive people out there appear to effortlessly accomplish everything: taking care of their kids, and having a successful career and healthy marriage, all while managing to stay slim and look great in the process. Obviously they’re exercising, but just how are they doing it? Here are some of their secrets revealed.

Plan it into your schedule

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. If you really want to ensure your exercise routine gets done, you need to make it a conscious choice. And that means blocking out time for it and planning it into your schedule. So take some time, sit down with a planner and ask yourself these questions:

  • Which days of the week are easiest for me to squeeze in a workout?
  • What time of day works best for me?

Bear in mind that not every week is going to be the same. Say you plan to workout Tuesday evenings, and next Tuesday you have an event to attend. So now you have to do some creative juggling of your schedule, rebalance it, and find another available time to exercise.

An effective way to prevent these problems from happening in the first place is planning out your entire week, including exercise days, before Monday morning comes around. Then you’re more likely to be aware of other events going on and can avoid any schedule conflicts before they happen.

Get it done in the morning

A near surefire way to complete your workouts is to do them first thing in the morning. This is because if you wait till later in the evening, unexpected events can force you to abruptly change your schedule and miss your workout. If you get your sweat on before breakfast, you have no chance of missing it.

Enjoy your rest days

Your rest days should be savored and enjoyed to the max. Let your body heal, and absolutely don’t waste energy feeling guilty about not exercising. You can still gain all the benefits of looking and feeling great while not working out every single day of the week.

Best of all, by enjoying your days off, you’ll be more motivated to exercise on the days you’ve scheduled it. Heck, you may even look forward to it.

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