8-Week Krav Maga Beginner’s Course to Begin July 8

8-Week Krav Maga Beginner’s Course to Begin July 8

Experience the world's most popular and effective self-defense system at First Defense Krav Maga.

A short list of the material we will cover includes:
Bear hug release with elbow

  • Developing Situational Awareness
  • Effective Striking Using Hands, Elbows, Knees, Legs
  • Defending Strikes
  • Releases from Chokes
  • Releases from Headlocks
  • Escaping Bearhugs
  • Releases from Wrist Grabs Pulls
  • Using Common Weapons for Self-Defense
  • Defending Yourself on the Ground
  • Protecting Others
  • Functioning under Stressful Conditions
  • Developing the Proper Mental Attitude

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Limited Slots Are Available For The July/August Krav Maga Self-Defense Course

First Defense Krav Maga
291 Sunset Park Dr.
Herndon, VA 20170

Wednesday evenings 7-8pm
July 8 - Aug 26

Cost: $249

Discounts for families and students. Call 703-835-9054 or email us for more details.
*Free for current First Defense Members*

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