Classic exercises for a fantastic booty

Eva Longoria has an awesome butt. Wouldn’t it be great to have one just like her? While it might seem like this idea is impossible, there are a couple of classic exercises and one obvious, but often overlooked, idea that can make a world of difference for your behind. Here’s how you can tone your glutes to get the rock solid booty you’ve been dreaming of.

The butt is a trouble spot for women when it comes to firmness and toning. When a woman puts on weight, it tends to go to the butt first. Even worse, this area is an easy target for cellulite to rear its ugly head. So what’s a girl to do? In addition to eating well and adding cardio to your exercise routine, there are a couple of basic, common sense exercises that can have a tremendous effect on sculpting a firm butt.


Believe it or not, a simple lunge is one of the best exercises for your rear. Lunge variations that work exceptionally well for your glutes are walking lunges done up-hill and step lunges. The former is exactly what it sounds like (lunging upwards) while the step lunges are performed by lunging onto a step and then back. Alternatively, you can also do this exercise by stepping onto a bench.


Squats are another no-brainer exercise for a firm butt. Anyone who’s done a squat exercise before knows the intense burn you feel in your glutes. For those new to squats, grab a barbell or some dumbbells and follow the instructions below.

To do a squat properly and prevent injury, it’s imperative that you keep your chest up and remain face forward without looking up, down or to the side. Place your feet shoulder width apart, then lower your body using your knees as if you’re sitting in a chair. Keep those hips back and squat until your pelvis is below your knees.

Not convinced squats and lunges can tighten your butt?

According to Eva Longoria’s trainer, Patrick Murphy, “Each session we [Eva Longoria and I] do between 25 and 30 total-body exercises--lunges with torso twists and one-legged squats with clean and press, for example--with 30- to 45-second rests in between."

There you have it. The booty role-model herself does these exercises in her workout. And that’s why you should too.

A final tip...get off your butt and move

We live in a sedentary world where many people spend long days sitting in offices staring at computers, sit in their car for the commute home and round the day off by sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Is it any wonder that droopy butts are a borderline endemic problem?! If you want a tighter booty, you have to get up and move. This alone is not going to skyrocket your butt to freedom from the flab, but it will help. Our bodies are designed to move. And doing so, whether it’s a 15-minute walk on your lunch break or choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, will not only help your butt, but will also be good for your overall health.

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