Why outdoor cycling is good for your health

In today’s health-conscious society, people are increasingly turning their unhealthy habits around and sparing time for some exercise. However, things can get pretty boring when it comes to the usual gym workouts and repetitive weight lifting. There’s definitely a time and place for indoor exercise - perhaps in unfavorable weather conditions. But if you’re the type of person who enjoys exercising outdoors, then cycling might be a great workout for you.

Cycling is a growing trend, and many people are already benefiting from this enjoyable outdoor exercise. It’s suitable for any age, gender, and fitness level. What’s more, cycling helps improve your health in many ways. Here are some reasons that will convince you to hop on a bicycle.

Cycling burns calories

You burn calories during your workouts, and the same is true for cycling. “How many calories?”, you might ask. For the record, a 30-minute session of cycling at a moderate speed (10 mph) will burn approximately 150-400 calories. The number of calories varies according to your weight. If you want to achieve similar results with running, you’ll have to run for about four miles. But running can take its toll on your body. Cycling, on the other hand, doesn’t put too much burden on your knees and legs.

Want to burn more? You can simply increase your pedal power to gain more speed and distance. Going up on high terrain is also a challenge that requires your balance and adjustment. You can exercise your upper body and burn more calories than average.

Healthy, active transportation

If you have a bicycle, it means free transportation to go anywhere you want, as long as it’s not too far or time-consuming. Instead of sitting behind the wheel and getting frustrated at traffic jams, you can experience a gentle breeze and have the opportunity to be physically active on a regular basis.

Cycling is also environmentally-friendly and helps reduce traffic congestion. That means you’re benefiting yourself as well as doing others a favor.

Lifetime exercise

When compared to other types of workouts, cycling is much more sustainable. Today you may well be in good shape, but what about 20-30 years from now? Your muscle tissues decrease with every passing year, as does your ability to perform vigorous workouts. As you grow older you’ll find it difficult to lift heavy dumbbells. But no matter what age you are, you can always exercise by riding your bicycle. Also, one of the best things about cycling is once you’ve learned how to ride a bicycle, you never forget.

It’s fun!

Cycling comes with the pleasure of watching landscapes pass by. Unlike jogging, you can cover more distance in a shorter time without getting exhausted too quickly. You’ll get the chance to explore more on your bicycle, and that is rewarding.

Apart from this, when you go riding with other cycling enthusiasts, things can get pretty fun. Check locally for cycling groups that organize weekly or monthly runs. The more the merrier!

Are you looking for new exercise motivation? Try outdoor cycling, and it may surprise you. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help plan your workout routine.

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