Get set, get ready and go in 2015!

Are you planning to change aspects of your life come January 2015? If so, you are not alone as millions embark on breaking bad habits, beginning new exercise regimes and generally creating a balanced life and healthy lifestyle. So, what's the plan? If you really want to get going in a positive direction after New Year, then you need to get set and get ready now!

What happens in the future is a reflection of what you did in the past. In other words, if you wait until the first week of New Year to work out how to transform or even enhance your life then you are not going to see results until later. To speed up the process get ready for positive change by planning ahead. If you are not sure how, here are a few pointers to set you off on the right track:

Start to gather information now: When you start to look into fitness and exercise plans, you soon realize that there is actually a lot you need to know. While you might not want to delve into really complex physiological information, you will want to know what training is available, when and what you can achieve. A healthy lifestyle is about finding a fitness regime that fits in with your life and your goals.

Be aware of your starting point: When January 2015 arrives, it might be a good idea to have some kind of understanding of where you are at right now and therefore where you are starting your fitness journey from. It is easy to dismiss this time as not being important, since in the holidays we are more likely to indulge, before our intended health kick at New Year. However, assessing what your fitness levels are like and looking at individual weaknesses, and strengths, can prove to be a great motivator as you step into gear next month.

Take this time to decide on your future goals: You do not need to write your New Year resolutions on New Year's Eve and in fact, it is a good idea to start ruminating right now on what kind of difference you want to make in 2015 to your body and even your mind; after all fitness is about wellbeing and this is a mental as well as physical state of being. Don't grab goals that you feel you should be aiming for but actually personalize your aims.

Write a goal-setting calendar: Next it is time to pin down your goals. You can do this by creating mini-milestones, which can help spur you on toward some bigger destination. A good way to track and monitor your activity levels and results in 2015 is by marking dates when you plan to reach these smaller ambitions. If you find you are way off the mark then you have time to reassess and look at whether you have set the bar too high or you are going about reaching your goals in the wrong way.

Assess your schedule for 2015 and time-manage your diary: Some areas of your life might slot into place but others need a more practical helping hand. Don't just hope that you will find the time to be active, actually cordon off the time beforehand. While you might not like the idea of a strict diary, you need to really install some structure if you are to make serious changes in your behavior patterns. Once your new regime becomes more ingrained you will find that there is a far more fluid and natural fit possible.

Address any reservations or excuses: Before all the usual mid-January excuses come flooding in, hold them at bay before they get a chance to knock you off course. If you use just a little imagination you can probably guess what classic reasons many people use to slacken off from keeping fit.

Finalize the details this month: By the time you toast 2015, it might be a good idea to really tie up the end of the year by firming up your fitness project. So, you need to start by confirming what you are doing, how often, and what it is going to cost. Look at what, if any, preparation you need, as well as what will be expected of you and what you can expect. The less you have to think about and organize, come January, the more likely you are to jump straight into your new routine.

It's nearly 2015 so the time to think about getting fit in New Year is now! We can help so get in touch as soon as possible!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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