Women's workout wear!

To really feel the benefit of a good workout you don't need to invest heavily in expensive equipment, if you join our fitness center. However, like many other women who get involved in regular exercise, you may need to check out your workout wardrobe first. It's not a matter of fashion but of fitness comfort and practicality. Do you need to sort out your workout wear?

Fitness clothes have moved on a long way from the days of ankle warmers and lycra. However, regardless of whether you opt for brand names and specific sportswear gear, there are some basics that you need to consider when getting kitted out for exercise.

Good fitting bra

Every woman has one bra that's designated their 'comfy' bra. However, if there's one item of fitness clothing worth investing in it is a good bra that's suitable for exercise, and that means a sports bra. When you are running, jumping and moving around you need maximum support. That way you can avoid pain during and after a workout, as well as permanently damaging breast tissue.

Studies suggest that not only do the majority of women suffer with breast pain during exercise but feelings of self-consciousness and potential breast problems put many women off working out altogether.

Moisture wicking

If you work up a sweat with a good cardio workout or with some high intensity interval training, then you can end up soaking wet and feeling hot and uncomfortable; which seriously detracts from your exercise routine. A lot of sportswear on the market is designed using moisture-wicking fabrics. In essence, this draws the perspiration away from your body and so you keep cool and dry for longer.

Another benefit of moisture-wicking fabric comes when you work out outdoors and are wearing layers. If the moisture is not drawn away from the skin then this can actually cause the body to cool down in colder weather and in extreme cases lead to hypothermia.

Well-fitted clothing

When you cycle or use certain exercise equipment it can be safer to wear clothes that fit snuggly. There are other practical reasons to wear well-fitted clothes to exercise in too, such as the fact that these allow you to see your body more clearly and connect more with your workout and see your physical strengths and weaknesses. If you are working with a trainer, it is easier to see if you are using proper form and exercising in the correct way. This can make your workout more effective and also minimize the risk of injury. A few tight fitting cami-style tops are ideal and you can add layers too.

Pants that fit you and your exercise style

If you are cycling or running you may want shorts but for other types of movement you may want longer, fitted pants. When you are warming up you may want to begin with some sweats too. There really isn't one catch-all style of pants that fits all exercise occasions, so you may need to kit yourself out in a few different pairs that match the type of exercise you do. If you are not sure, then ask for advice.


As well as your exercise bottoms, one style of footwear does not suit all types of exercise. A running shoe is not suitable for an aerobics workout, for example. Fit your shoe to what you do and also take into consideration that you may need extra support around the heels and the arches, depending on your feet. Good sports socks stop rubbing and blisters too!

Along, with your exercise gear, it's worthwhile keeping your kit ready in a bag specifically for working out, where you keep all you need, in terms of shampoo and conditioner, as well as a clean towel that you can use to wipe away perspiration from all your hard working out!

Now you look the part, it is time to step it up and get moving! Join us by getting in touch.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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