Run for your life!

Going for a run seems to have somehow lost its standing in the exciting mix of exercise programs. However, a new study suggests that not only can running promote longevity, you don't have to commit to an intense amount of sprinting at a fast pace to really reap the health benefits. The findings suggest that running just a small amount can lower the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease or stroke by a staggering 45%. Do you need to run for your life?

The study

Researchers from the Iowa State University Kinesiology Department took data from the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study, looking at the running patterns of all ages of adults, with over 55,000 participants over a 15 year period. The aim of the study was to determine a link between running and longevity.

The results

What is interesting about the study results is that regardless of factors such as sex, age, BMI and some other health conditions, the benefits of running were found to be the same. The study suggests that on average, longevity in those who run is extended by three years compared to non-runners. Other findings include a 30% lower risk of mortality from all causes compared to those who never ran.

You don't need to run fast or far!

You do not have to set off on a marathon sprint or think that you have to run around the globe to really feel the benefits or running either, according to the study. And this is the really motivating factor, as the study suggests that whether you run less than an hour a week or more than three hours longevity is not necessarily affected. Those who ran at a rate less than six miles per hour, for less than an hour, once or twice a week, still benefited in terms of longevity in comparison to those who did not run.

Keep on going for years to come!

Another important result to come out of the Iowa study focuses on running over time. The results suggest that those who ran over a continuous period of six years, rather than sporadically, benefited from significant health positives, such as a 50% lower risk of fatal cardiovascular disease or stroke, compared to non-runners.

The wind in your hair!

If you haven't put on your running shoes for a while then perhaps it is time to just pick up a bit of speed to get moving beyond a stroll. Adding some running into your cardio and stretching routines can be a great way to really work your whole body too. As well as the potential health benefits, there is something wonderful about going for a run. If you need reminding how great a run feels then then here are a few thoughts:

  • You feel cleansed mentally as you meditate on each step and leave stresses behind.
  • You can really explore a new area when you go for a run.
  • You can get out into the open and breathe in some fresh-air to awaken the senses and energize your whole being.
  • You can enjoy the scenery of the local park or green area.
  • You can add in some practical elements, such as running for a purpose, whether it is a run to the shop or a charity sprint.
  • You don't need any special equipment and as well as your training program with us, you can pretty much run wherever you are.
  • Running is free!
  • Running exercises your whole body.
  • You can feel the wind in your hair!

With so many benefits and with running being such a positive exercise experience there seems little reason to not get into the rhythm of running for your health with us.

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