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If you train with us then you understand just how great it is to be part of a fitness community. It's the perfect way to not only get the best expert help and be able to use appropriate equipment and training methods, but also a perfect way to stay motivated. Keeping in shape is a lifestyle choice too and so when you are not working out with us you can keep plugged into exercise by connecting to fitness social networks!

With so many fitness apps on the market you really now need to focus on what you are looking for from an app. Are you looking for a challenge? Are you wanting to simply track your workouts? If you are looking for a digital fitness community then there are many apps to choose from.

Fitocracy - FREE - iOS and Android

One of the most renowned of the social fitness networks, Fitocracy invites so-called Fitocrats to support each other's goals and also adds in some healthy competitive spirit. Tot up points as you finish each workout and move forward to get badges and a thumbs-up or 'prop' from the Fitocracy community. You can also sign up for challenges with with friends and join in community fitness groups where you can feed your motivation with chats that are personal to your fitness journey. You can become a Fitocracy Hero too and challenge friends to a one-on-one contest.

PumpUp - FREE - iOS and Android

Combine fitness, technology and the love of and what have you got? PumpUP is a great way to share post-workout selfies, show your progress through images, as well as upload pics of healthy meals. The idea is to share inspirational healthy and active living photographs. The fact that it gives you a great excuse to unabashedly post pictures of yourself might be seen as a plus point to those who like to pose a little too! The app tracks your fitness and shares your favourite activities so that you can feel motivated by all the community members.

Traineo - FREE - iOS and Android

Focusing on weight loss, the Traineo does more than log your exercise and diet, although this aspect of the app is useful and effective too. There is also a community aspect which is all about motivating you to keep on going and feel as if you are accountable to someone if you don't stick with your diet plans. You choose up to four motivators from the more than 200,000 Traineo users. They then become more personally linked to your goals as they receive email updates charting your progress. In turn you receive their progress emails.

What is important to be aware of is that although fitness apps are great tools to motivate you they are there as a support rather than to replace the real face-to-face exercises you benefit from with us. There is nothing as motivating or as effective as being part of a real-life fitness community in your neighborhood. Apps can help you stay on track but if you want to get on track in the first place then your first contact needs to be with us.

Next month we take a look at some great strength training apps!

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