5 quirky fitness apps!

You really can't beat being part of a dynamic fitness community and often the best way to achieve this is to physically join in activities with experts like us. You simply cannot compare to the personal face-to-face attention and advice you get from certified instructors. However, since fitness is a way of life, there's also room to exercise some fun with some quirky fitness apps!

The number of fitness apps is growing and these can be a valuable add-on to your usual working and training routine. While there are some sensible fitness trackers out there, it's always fun to know about those apps which offer a fitness experience that's just that little bit different:

BullDash- Free - iOS
Run for your life! You won't be bored, although you might be gored with this fitness app which is fun and a little wacky! There is a growing trend to make working out outdoors fun and add in an element of gaming activity too. With four levels to choose from, the sound of bulls chasing you through the streets as your location is mapped really brings the action alive in a really motivating way!

Exercise Motivation Hypnosis - USD 1.99 - Android
Don't underestimate the power of the mind! Don't look into my eyes but listen instead to this hypnotherapy audio session to get you motivated enough to get moving. The key to successful working out is when you actually feel like exercising and this app is aimed at exactly that. When you want real-life motivation though come to us!

Tempo Magic Pro - USD 4.99 - iOS
Don't be a slave to the rhythm! Set the tempo of your workout and make sure that the BPM of your workout tunes fits in with you. This app lets you change how fast or slow a song is without distorting the sound. The app takes music from your playlist so it's a real no-fuss bit of musical magic. There's also a gapless playback function so you can keep on going without any break in the beat.

Ball Strike - Free - iOS and Windows Phone 8
It's not rocket science but it is clever technology! Keep in shape by hitting virtual colored balls, making sure you don't smash the bombs. An augmented reality fitness experience that detects motion via your camera or webcam.

All you have to do is stand in front of your device's camera and start kicking, hitting and jumping to strike those balls. There are six levels to choose from and the calories you burn are calculated too. To add a social media element you can share photos of yourself in action too.

Race Yourself
Definitely one to look out for is this Google Glass augmented reality app with a 3D avatar in your screen replaying your last run. This really adds another dimension to going for a run as you chose to race yourself or friends, or even against celebrities. In great gaming tradition there are zombies to outrun too!

Next month we will look at some social media networks for fitness fans! In the meantime, give us a call if you are looking to further your workout routine, our programs are a great way to get fit this summer.

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