5 Fun fitness apps!

Getting in shape and keeping fit should be taken taken seriously as it will ensure that you enjoy better health and an improved quality of life but that doesn't mean it can't be fun too. And now your phone can help you get the exercise buzz. As the number of fitness apps increases so too does the variety and there are many interesting, quirky and downright different tech treats in store to help motivate you, get you moving and help you reach your goals.

Technology is muscling in on the growing fitness industry, and while you can't beat getting fit with us, you can also integrate some great apps to help you along the way. Here are five that you might want to download:

Thank Dog!

A dog is not just a best friend but your best workout buddy too! Thank Dog! takes the power of cardio exercise and combines it with a dog obedience program, meaning you can get in shape and your K9 partner's behavior is shaped up too. Create a playlist and set off on 20 x 1 hour routines with video guidance on what to do for you and your canine cardio chum. All you need is a dog, an iPhone and a resistance band. The cost is less than a US dollar.


Touted as the ultimate fitness app for the less active or even downright lazy, Nexercise turns a workout into a blast of fun activities that become part of an online game. The more you move the more you can win prizes and medals, and even earn points to shop with or you get discounts. All you have to do is to log activities for 15 minutes, which can include looking after the kids or dancing. Keep your phone on you so your movement can be tracked and compete with friends too. There's so much motivation that you won't even think that you're exercising. Available free for Android and iOS users.

Gym Shamer

Ever talked the talk but failed to walk the walk? Put your pride where your mouth is with Gym Shamer. The amount of times you turn up to train with us will be tracked and if it doesn't match with the goal you have set, then prepare to be named and shamed via social media. By connecting to Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter there's no way you not checking-in will go unnoticed! Will the shame of looking bad to people you know make you feel guilty enough to keep your fitness promises? It's all a bit of fun really. All you have to do is sign-up with your Foursquare account.

Fit Freeway

Never again will you say that the elliptical or bike is boring! Speeding ahead with the old-style car racing game Fit Freeway it is easy to get caught up in the action. The faster you go the faster your car goes, as your device's accelerometer reads the vibrations from the equipment using unique motion capture technology, With a front-facing camera you can not only see all the action but use your head position to steer your car too to keep it, and ultimately you, on track. As you race forward it is easy to forget that you are really working out to pick up speed. There are eight stages to race through, with different difficulty levels and play modes, as well as IPod music support available too.Available free for iOS users.


If you see a ghost in your neighborhood who you gonna call? With SpecTrek you can save the world from ghostly invasions by catching spectres in a fun augmented reality ghost hunt. In other words, as the game states, you can "protect the world, stay in shape". GPS enabled, ghosts appear in certain locations and it is your mission to get to them, scan them using the app and then capture them. A realistically spooky app that gets you moving in a fun and entertaining way. Available for Android and iOs users for less than a few dollars, there is also a free Lite version too.

Next month we will look at some quirky fitness apps. Stay tuned!

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