Sporting sisterhood!

Think about it, behind every successful athlete there is a solid team of supporters who rally around her when needed. While it is the sheer determination and commitment each of us shows in achieving our goals that counts, those around us can be a great help. For women wanting to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, sporting sisterhood can be a valuable source of motivation; inspiring positive change.

If you are focused enough, there's no doubt about it that you can initiate a real turnaround in the way you live your life; and yes, you can achieve this through your own wherewithal and endeavors. But why go it alone when you can tap into a great amount of go-getting energy from those around you that can boost you along the way? Whether you're starting out on a new fitness journey or are already far down the road to athletic prowess and about to face a new challenge, here's how you can benefit from your sisters:

  • Join a fitness community: A gym where testosterone hangs in the air can make a woman feel, not only intimidated, but also in an environment that is perhaps overly competitive rather than supportive. It's not what you do but where you do it and with whom that counts, so make sure that the exercise environment has other women who mirror your own desire to get in shape.

  • Seek out inspirational women: From reading articles about women who have achieved amazing sporting success to watching live sports with female athletes, the more you immerse yourself in the stories of women who are strong and fit the more your own goals will seem like a realistic possibility. There are of course women who live in your community and perhaps train with you who have also achieved inspiring results.

  • Get fitness advice that's especially for women: Some fitness programs seem to be focused very much on the male physique and what men want, such as rippling abs and a six-pack. While the principles of exercise, such as building core strength, may be the same, training that is specifically designed with women in mind, and where you can see the results in other women, is a good way to stay on track.

  • Support other women: If you want positive support from other women then lead by example. Are you giving to other women? Do you cheer them on and see yourself as a source of power and influence? You should!

  • Be open with other women: Women have their own specific gender-related health and fitness concerns and being able to be honest and open with other women can offer you a sense of freedom. The more women talk about their fitness challenges and connect with themselves and other women around them, the clearer the path toward making a real difference.

  • Create a motivation network: Everybody has off days or times when the going can get tough, whether it's reaching a fitness plateau or related to another area of life and living. Sometimes all we need is a kind word, a pat on the back and the reassurance that we will be okay and can achieve what we want. Women who are there to boost sporting morale when you need it most can give you enough motivating fuel to power you along and over a hurdle.

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Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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