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In the not so distant past few people were using fitness apps, in fact they weren't even around to use. But with each passing year new fitness-related tech wizardry is designed to support our endeavors to lead a healthy life and connect with our own lifestyles. Along with the new apps there are new versions of old favorites too, whether you want to track your fitness, lose weight or find some digital motivation.

Last month we looked at five fitness apps that might help you on the road to a healthier you:

  • Argus - tracks your fitness round the clock and is a pedometer and calorie counter.

  • MapMyFitness - another GPS tracking app.

  • Fitbit - a popular activity tracker gadget.

  • Noom Weight Loss Coach - notes your steps, tracks exercises and keep you motivated with health articles.

  • Calm - is a guided meditation app.

This month we're going to look at five more fitness apps which you might want to check out:

1. CycleNav

Introduced this year, this is a free for iOS and Android cycling app, with a paid-for navigation system add-on. CycleNav tracks rides in terms of speed, time and calories. Info can be synced back to your phone too. The navigation system can be mounted on your bike to show you where you are going and lead the way for you. An audio prompt keeps you going in the right direction with flashing lights to guide you. You can check how your ride measures up to your goals and share your ride through social media. This adds an extra dimension to cycling.

2. Zombies, Run!

Low cost and lots of fun, and available for iOS and Android, Zombies, Run! is in its third incarnation and adds some drama and adventure to what might otherwise be a straightforward run. Instead you are running to save the world from zombies! Your movements are tracked through the app and as you sprint for your life you are rewarded with necessities such as survival equipment to help you through the running game. You can act out different missions to suit your fitness level and how hard you want to train.

3. Digifit iCardio

Free to download for iOS and Android, Digifit does a lot for free, such as track distance, time and speed when it comes to your activities, such as running or cycling, much as other fitness trackers do. The extra advantage is that you can also connect it up to a heart monitor, for an extra fee, and the app will read that information too. The result is a more in-depth analysis of your fitness levels and workouts.

4. Runtastic PRO

Runtastic is free for iOS and Android, and you can also pay a small fee for the PRO version which has some great add-on features. As well as being a great tracking device for your activities, you can also benefit from its motivating coaching to help you train, with voice feedback and music player integration too. The audio incorporates story style guides which are audio books with themes such as fantasy and adventure, which use music and voice coaching to keep users going.

5. Sleep Cycle

An app that focuses on sleep may seem a little out of place in an article about fitness apps, but this small fee app for iPhones can help you understand how your lifestyle and activities connect with your sleeping patterns. Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep, even waking you up with mellow music when your body is ready and collecting data on the stages of sleep and when you're awake. You can add to this with your own notes such as activity and eating patterns, as well as your emotions.

Next month we'll look at some more interesting fitness apps!

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