10 Reasons female fitness is a priority!

While we are constantly bombarded with the news that more people are struggling with weight issues than ever before and that far too many of us are living sedentary lifestyles,we know that such reports don't relate to everyone. There are many women who are living fit and healthy lives too. Not only are these women a real inspiration but they are focused on creating a fit and healthy female physique and a great quality of life, rather than trying to simply get fit for a beach-ready body. Women who know they should be doing more but who need to really start to take this idea onboard might want to consider 10 reasons female fitness is a priority!

Often the fitness focus for men is about creating killer abs, while much of the fitness industry for women concentrates on weight loss and getting a bikini body. However, there are a whole raft of reasons why exercise and keeping fit is so important to the modern-day woman.

1. To create a strong body and strong mind: Exercise teaches you about hard work, effort and determination. It teaches you to rise to a challenge and stay motivated. Exercise gives women stamina when it comes to mental as well as physical strength.
2. To balance family, work and social life more easily: Many women are juggling far too many demands in their daily lives. If this perpetual in-motion battle resonates with you then you may be wondering how you can schedule in quality exercise too. However, think of training as an energy boost that can also offer you valuable time out and clarity of thought to prioritize what's important.
3. To lead the way and set an example: There's nothing as inspiring to the next generation of women than those women who have gone before them and demonstrated exactly what can be achieved. Women who take charge of their fitness are doing so much more than simply getting healthy.
4. To feel great and feel confident: It relaxes you, stimulates you, and releases feel-good hormones; exercise makes you feel alive and energized. Let's face it if you feel a bit lacking in energy then you can also feel a bit depressed, lacking that inner drive of confidence. Working out can lift your spirits and connect you with the world in a more confident way.
5. To benefit productivity: If you stay active then you can benefit from clarity of thought and also improve your memory. Whether you are employed, work for yourself or put your energies into the home, you will get a great deal more done and in an effective and efficient way if you have a productive spring in your step.
6. To encourage healthier eating: You know that if you start grazing or eating unhealthy takeouts that you soon feel lethargic and before you know it you are in a downward spiral of unhealthy living. Exercise well and you will want to eat well too. They go hand-in-hand.
7. To balance hormones: Don't just focus on how you look but think more scientifically, about how your body works. So many women suffer with hormonal imbalances and yet are unaware of the positive benefits exercise can bring in terms of inner balance.
8. To focus on personal need: More women are today are accepting that their own needs are important. As caring, sharing, and giving creatures, it is often easy for women to put the wants of partners, friends, and family members above their own. Finding your own feet on your own fitness journey can be a liberating way to look after yourself.
9. To show fitness is a feminine issue: Health and exercise are issues that interest women and by keeping fit you can demonstrate this. You can connect with other like-minded women and push forward the knowledge and development of female fitness.
10. To radiate positivity: Women who are fit and healthy often glow with positive vibes which can create an amazing ripple effect to their families and the wider community. If you are a woman who wants to help others then why not exercise your way to radiating positivity!

Make fitness your priority today and get in touch!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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