Female fitness is about wellness!

What does fitness mean to you? Is it just about statistics, measurements, and physical results? For many women fitness is about wellbeing. It's about taking a holistic approach to wellness to create a fit and healthy body and mind, and also a balanced lifestyle that complements your quest to feel great. What often appeals to women is training that benefits the whole person, with training that creates physical transformations but also considers the person inside too.

You might be working out to attain a really specific goal or to sculpt a particular body image, but otherwise, the chances are that you want to exercise and keep fit for many reasons which all link together in some way. Fitness isn't necessarily a linear goal but creates a multi-faceted sense of wellness on many different levels:

  1. Healthy competition and lack of ego - Women want to feel comfortable and be in a safe and non-threatening environment. Overly competitive egos can create a climate of tension which can make you feel on edge or under threat.

  2. Exercise for the mind - Wellbeing isn't just physical but mental too. Alleviating stress and giving your sense of self space to relax can give busy women the mental clarity to feel more in balance with their own lives. Studies suggest that exercise can help reduce the risk of certain mental health problems such as dementia.

  3. Boosting energy - Working out until you reach burnout or land with a thud on an exercise plateau runs contrary to what many women are looking for from fitness training sessions. Wellness is exercise that leave you feeling invigorated.

  4. Workouts that fit with life's physical demands - Flexibility and core stability are essential components of fitness. Women want to be able to function by being able to go about their everyday lives with ease rather than be hindered by physical restrictions. Exercise may lead to toned abs but fitness that allows you to live your life freely is real wellbeing.

  5. Workouts that fit with life's time demands - If you feel that you're forever missing training sessions or finding your schedule just doesn't work then this is not creating a sense of wellbeing. Women want a fitness regime that, while challenging, is flexible enough to fit in with their lives and time constraints.

  6. Feeling at ease - Finding an inspirational teacher and being surrounded by motivated, supportive individuals can really make all the difference to how easily fitness fits into the life of a woman and becomes an integral part of it.

  7. Complementary diet - Nutrition and a healthy diet goes hand-in-hand with working out. Many women aren't simply seeking a refuel or to burn as many calories as possible, but interested in a much more integrated health plan.

  8. A sense of achievement - Everybody needs to experience a sense of progression and movement and feel good about fitness, and a woman also needs a fitness plan and strategy. Wellbeing is not a nebulous concept but grounded in real goals and clear direction.

  9. Protection - You may exercise to tackle past issues that have lead to present-day problems but fitness is concerned with the future too. Wellbeing includes wellness for tomorrow and how exercising can combat or reduce the risks of a vast array of health problems.

  10. Healthy lifestyle for happiness - All the different elements of women's fitness comes together to create a certain lifestyle. It is when this healthy lifestyle feels positive and inspires a feeling of contentment and happiness that true wellness is achieved.

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Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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