Exercise to inspire hormonal balance!

Hormones have a lot to answer for! Busy passing messages on around the body, it's important that they work well together in a balanced and organized way. If one hormone steps out of line then all types of physical and mental chaos can ensue, such as issues with weight, mood, and libido, to name but a few, not to mention growth and development. Hormones that aren't balanced are believed to play a huge part in a variety of life-challenging illnesses such as endometriosis. What's important is to lead a lifestyle to inspire hormonal balance!

Your body is a complex biological machine that is so amazing that it deserves all the extra care you can give it. Your body needs to do what comes naturally and that is move, stretch, and basically exercise so you can achieve optimal functional fitness.

It's not only important to workout so that you can move more easily but also to keep your body's systems ticking away in the best way possible. Put it this way, when you don't exercise this passive behavior is actually causing damage.

As a woman your body undergoes natural hormonal changes, whether connected to your cycle or what stage you are at in terms of your fertility and menstruation period. If you have ever felt at the mercy of your hormones then you'll be interested to know that there are steps you can take to help achieve greater hormonal balance:

  • Exercise - Get your endorphins into your system and combat the negative effects of PMS, particularly pain and feelings of unhappiness and anxiety. Exercise can lessen estrogen levels where they are dominant and causing fat gains, particularly around the belly and bloating.

  • Don't overdo exercise - If you overdo it over an extended period then you may find that your estrogen levels drop so low that this has an impact on your cycle. For hormonal balance aim for balance with exercise too.

  • Reduce stress hormone levels - High cortisol levels in your bloodstream can cause you to put on weight, so reduce these by cutting back or eliminating caffeine from your diet and exercising to relax the body too.

  • Eat a fiber-rich diet - Often women need their system clearing of estrogen and fiber can help achieve this by binding to old estrogen and eliminating it. This stops a build-up and the health problems that spring from hormonal imbalances.

  • Go green at home - Toxins from toiletries and cleaning products can affect your hormones. In a recent study it was found that women working in an industry where they were exposed to phthalates and BPA had a fivefold increase in premenopausal breast cancer risk. Parabens are another no-no and found in some cosmetics!

  • Eat a good diet for your leptin levels - Leptin is a hormone connected with your metabolism and if this is out of kilter then this will have a knock-on effect on your other hormones. Refined carbs cause food cravings and a slower metabolism. In turn, high leptin levels can lead to weight gain and fertility issues.

  • Eat Omega 3 but not Omega 6 - ¬†Manufactured oils often contain Omega 6 and as an inflammatory it is not great for the hormones either. Omega 3 found in fish is a great ingredient to keep you healthy and in better balance.

Exercise has a big impact on other non-reproductive related hormones in the body too:

Exercise-induced anti-aging fat burner

Irisin, a recently identified hormone that is released after exercise can reprogram the body to not store fat but burn calories instead. Along with this, a recent study suggests that there is a molecular link between this hormone and keeping your cells biologically young.

Growth factors boosted by exercise

Growth factors stimulate cell growth and muscle production, and obviously important function in cell repair, such as after exercise and to oversee the growth of muscle mass. Research has in the past suggested that exercise can slow down the decline of nerve growth factors which stimulate new neural cell growth in the brain, in other words, help prevent stem-cell decline with age.

We can help you find the right exercise plan to balance your hormones to promote women wellness. Contact us to discuss.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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