Exercise to be biologically young!

Can exercise keep you young? Well, according to a fascinating UK study there's a molecular link between exercise and your cells being biologically younger, which in effect links exercise to healthier and slower aging. There's no doubt that keeping the weight off, focusing on functional fitness, and improving your health with cardio, can make you feel great at any age. However, the idea of a post-exercise hormone being released which has an impact on a biological marker of aging is certainly interesting.

Aside from the way you look, one indicator of youth has to be having a fast metabolism. For most adults there was once a time when it seemed like they could eat with gay abandon without fear of putting on weight. However, perhaps this picture is changing with childhood obesity reaching epic proportions. Kids it seems are old before their time, in terms of biological ageing that it is.

Natural hormones

Exercise is known to help balance the body's hormones, as well as release those all-important neurotransmitters such as dopamine to keep us feeling happy. One hormone that is released through exercise and is present naturally in the body is irisin. This hormone tells your body's cells to burn energy and not to store it as fat. This is therefore a natural anti-obesity tool.

Hormone linked to aging

Research at Aston's Research Centre for Healthy Ageing, in England, looked at average weight individuals with high level of the irisin hormone and discovered they had longer telomeres than those with low irisin levels. These telomeres are shorten over time, with short telomeres being linked with age-related health problems, from Alzheimer's to heart disease.

Does exercise make you biologically young?

The results suggest that exercise can lead to you being biologically young, as Dr James Brown who led the Aston University study points out, "Exercise is known to have wide ranging benefits, from cardiovascular protection to weight loss. Recent research has suggested that exercise can protect people from both physical and mental decline with aging. Our latest findings now provide a potential molecular link between keeping active and a healthy aging process."

Does exercise make you look younger too?

Aside from molecular cellular aging, exercise can do wonders for promoting a more youthful look too. Increased circulation takes blood, oxygen and nutrients to the skin to create a glowing complexion, protect cells from degeneration, as well as promote collagen production. Not only that, but exercise can help you settle into a healthier lifestyle in general, which all helps fight free radicals, renowned for their aging impact and remove toxins from the body. Better posture through proper exercise form and strengthening your core can also give you a more youthful look too.

Energy makes you feel youthful

A classic exercise excuse is when people say they're too tired to exercise. Sure, if you're worn out you might not feel like jumping into a full-on cardio session, but actually exercise stimulates your body in a way that energizes you and de-stresses too. Exercise also promotes better sleeping patterns which helps with cell repair and rejuvenation as well.

Get a youthful spring in your step and get those anti-aging hormones releasing with a workout that works well for you.

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