Men! Love yourself this Valentine's!

It's a stereotype but it has to be said, that many men are not that hot when it comes to self-reflection, connecting with their inner core, and cherishing the essence of who they are. The problem is though that without this 'togetherness' you can easily end up on the wrong track in life, and that includes your health. Put it this way, an unwavering, yet oblivious-to-all-else macho ambition may get you further than hiding in your cave in terms of material gains. However, will you be happy with who you are and what state you're in when you get there?

Men who want to make a difference to their fitness and who want to address lifestyle issues, need to start loving themselves in a healthy way so that they can approach life from a healthier perspective. Mix some EQ with some quality training and you have yourself a chance of leading a more well-rounded life full of dynamic energy. Working out and keeping fit is not just about using your head and signing up with us for some expert help, but also using your heart.

Get naked!

It's time to get real and while reality might bite, this could be a big enough nip to startle you into action. At the same time, reality is about acceptance too. When's the last time you looked at yourself without any clothes on? If you find yourself ignoring your full reflection then why not face yourself once and for all. Acknowledge your flaws and look for any positive physical features too. To invest in your life positively health and fitness wise, it's worthwhile knowing what you are dealing with.

What makes you you?

Every person is full of quirks and idiosyncrasies, from how they move, to what they wear, and their personality. What makes you tick? What makes you mad, excited, or laugh out loud? What are the aspects of yourself that you find difficult to explain? Next time you're relaxing think about your own individuality, from the good, to the bad and possibly even the ugly. Perhaps some thoughts about what you don't like will come to the surface but building up a multi-faceted picture of yourself in your mind brings about positive acceptance. From this springs a connection to who you are in inside.

What do you love about yourself?

If you find it easier, try writing a list of some of your attributes, be they physical or more about your personality and character. It's easier to find fault than praise and as with any relationship, you should be aiming for the 5:1 ratio at the very least when it comes to positives vs negatives. These thoughts don't need to be associated with health and fitness but any area of who you are and how you live your life.

What's your ideal healthy lifestyle?

Picture a glorious weekend. You feel happy and all is good with your world. You're not tired or stressed, You have a spring in your step and bags of energy. What would you do? Look at the meals that you would eat and the activities you would do. Would you jump out of bed and enjoy a fresh smoothie on your deck in the sunshine before heading out for an early morning jog on the white sands of a beautiful beach, perhaps with a stunning partner at your side? Dreaming of possibilities is a way of loving yourself and allowing your imagination and creativity to come into play.

What does this new life feel like?

Does your imaginary healthy life feel great? Don't just imagine this feeling but absorb it.

Now, bring into the picture your actual real life setup and consider how you can modify your dream lifestyle or modify your reality to make the two ideas match more easily. The power to create your own story is not just about ambition but about being able to feel your way through life too. Health and fitness is about listening to your internal self and connecting with that person.

What activities do you love?

Forget what you think you should be doing to keep fit and healthy and also what you are doing. What do you really enjoy doing? Do you love a constant challenge that is intense and really tests you every step of the way? Do you enjoy sports and the feeling of camaraderie you get with like-minded men during group fitness and team games? You deserve to be enjoying a healthy lifestyle and that means enjoying leading a healthy lifestyle and feeling in-touch with how to achieve that.

Shout out positive affirmations!

If you say something enough times then you might just start to believe it. Whether you speak out loud or write down your thoughts, make sure these include motivating mantras that are brimming with confidence and the self-belief that comes from truly valuing and loving yourself.

Make a vow this Valentine's Day to love health and fitness! Get in touch.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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