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If you are still exercising to the beat of Survivor's classic  Eye of the Tiger song then the chances are you can't get enough of the oldies, you love Rocky and are still wearing leg armers and a sweatband. Perhaps it is time to update your workout playlist. Sure, there's nothing wrong with old favorites but new tunes can add energy, tempo and motivation to a good cardio burning session. And it seems that there is science to back this up. Certain music can fuel your workout more effectively. So researchers recently came up with the ultimate workout playlist.

When you are working out alone and you want to really get your body moving then you can't beat a rousing rhythm that will keep your heart rate pumping at the optimal beats per minute (BPM). As you start, you need tunes to warm you up as you stretch and get into your stride. Following this you probably want an energetic beat to power you along and up and over hurdles, pushing your body ever onwards. And at the end of your session, you don't want to go from 100 to zero in a few seconds. It is more likely you will want to be taken to the end of your workout with less frenetic and possibly more hypnotic sounds as you cool off.

6.7 million playlists

Digital music service Spotify and researchers at Brunel University's School of Sport and Education in the UK, looked at 6.7 million workout playlists across the globe to get an idea of what people are listening to right now. They have used these tunes in combination with additional tracks that have a specific tempo and fit with a solid workout in terms of style of music and content. The result is the ultimate workout playlist for 2014.

Raise your BPM

Research Deputy Head Dr Costas Karageorghis offers some science-based advice on what you should be doing with your favorite tunes during your fitness sessions: "When syncing your movements to the beat of the music, increase the intensity of your workout by raising the music tempo by one or two BPMs beyond your comfort zone. This will increase your work rate with the added benefit that the difference in effort will be almost imperceptible."

Rise to the challenge

Certainly when you are feeling a little phased and need that extra push, the right music can instantly change fatigue into a fighting spirit that makes you relish the challenge and conquer the aches and pains. So if we've persuaded you to mix up your workout you might want to try this playlist in order, as it has been designed with a warm-up, active cardio progression, and a cool-down in mind.

  1. Roar - Katy Perry

  2. Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz

  3. Skip To The Good Bit - Rizzle Kicks

  4. Get Lucky - Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams

  5. Move - Little Mix

  6. Need U (100%) - Duke Dumont feat, A*M*E

  7. You Make Me - Avicii

  8. Feel My Rhythm - Viralites

  9. Timber - Pitbull feat. Ke$ha

  10. Applause - Lady Gaga

  11. Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton

  12. Happy - Pharrell Williams

  13. The Monster - Eminem feat. Rihanna

  14. Love Me Again - John Newman

  15. Get Down - Groove Armada feat. Stush and Red Rat

  16. #thatPOWER - feat. Justin Bieber

  17. It's My Party - Jessie J

  18. Play Hard - David Guetta feat. Ne-Yo & Akon

  19. Burn - Ellie Goulding

  20. Royals - Lorde

Now you have a playlist to get you moving what are you waiting for?

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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