10 Male fitness habits that women hate!

If most women were to list their ideal man then after personality and sense of humor,  they might list a few physical attributes too. These might include their man being buff or at least toned and in shape. Perhaps more so than these qualities, women like a man who does things. He doesn't have to be scaling mountains or traveling across continents on foot but just active, interested, with a zest and energy for life and living. So, when a man keeps fit then surely there would be no complaints from female quarters, right? Not if men are committing one of the male fitness habits that women hate!

No-one has heard of women complaining about the man in her life getting fit and healthy. However, in the pursuit of male perfection, or at least a good body and a great lifestyle, men might want to check that they are not developing habits that are a turn off, despite their good intentions. Here are 10 male fitness habits that don't shape up for women:

  1. Bragging: While it's great to be able to share someone else's successes, some men do have a tendency to overplay their role, pump up their performance and generally brag about their achievements. You don't need to downplay your successes but boastful bragging can be irritating at best.

  2. Hitting on women at the gym: This encompasses flirting, ogling and generally being too 'aware' of women who are trying to workout and are not necessarily interested in being the center of your attention. For attached men, who suddenly start acting like Don Juan in the gym, the effect can look tragic.

  3. Personal hygiene: Yes, there's something very masculine about abs covered in a sheen of glistening perspiration but gym clothes that are never washed and are left to fester in a gym bag? No, that's just unhygienic, not to mention post-workout armpits that are left au naturel.

  4. Overly competitive: A competitive spirit might be in-built in men and far be it for anyone to stand in the way of a man on a mission. However, going over the top can be offputting. Unless you're going to be competing in the next Olympics, it might be best to not let healthy competition run amok.

  5. Obsessive: Many men don't do things by halves, which is a good thing. Focus and determination are positive attributes. But at what point does an interest become an obsession? If you're eating, talking and sleeping fitness then alarm bells might be ringing here. Remember, moderation doesn't make you any less of a man.

  6. Sports mad: For some women, personal fitness is really positive but the add-on of a raging interest in all sports that takes up the rest of the time can be too much. You might like working out, watching and talking sports but there are other things to talk about and watch too.

  7. Fitness guru: While it is nice if a man who is keeping fit cares about the fitness level of the woman in his life, nobody wants a self-appointed fitness coach. Don't give running commentary on every morsel a woman eats and advise on how she could best lose weight/look better/achieve a fit physique, if she hasn't asked for a personal fitness guru by her side.

  8. Over-disciplined: If your body is your temple then be careful not to over worship it. In other words, while you may have a strict policy on food and activities, allow yourself some slack sometimes. No woman wants to go to dinner with a man who will only eat omelets made of egg whites.

  9. Fitness bore: It may come as a shock to some men but women don't have a myriad of fitness and sporting facts to hand quite often because...wait for it...they're simply not interested. That's not to say that women don't have an interest in health but that they don't necessarily feel the need to accompany this with an encyclopaedic knowledge of every related issue. Be careful of becoming a healthy bore.

  10. Vain: Between metroxesexuality and mositurizers, men are becoming more body conscious and spending too much time in the bathroom. Actually some self-preening is not a bad thing but the trick is to be clean without losing that masculine, caveman edge. Few women want to be fighting a man over the mirror or spending too much time assuring him he looks great.

When all is said and done, women love a man who keeps fit and looks after himself, so what are you doing to improve your appeal?

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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