Best of the best fitness men!

Every man on some level would love to be a sporting hero, or rise to a physical challenge and excel above and beyond. The ambitious, competitive, macho streak of single minded determination is lurking in even the most office-bound non-gym type of male. Who wouldn't want a world record or to be hailed as a fitness icon? While your personal exercise goals may not be as lofty as breaking new ground, impressive fitness records, firsts and sporting achievements by men around the globe, can inspire, encourage and set in motion your own path to reaching your personal fitness goals.

Spartacus, James Bond, Hercules and Rambo, all encompass the idea of maleness as its most physically impressive. Whether it is stealth, skill or sheer brute force, these characters are part of a long list of male media icons that represent power, stamina and performance. However, when it comes to the best of the best fitness men, then take inspiration from some real life action heroes:

  • The world's strongest man: Congratulations to US strongman Brian Shaw, winner of the 36th World's Strongest Man competition which was just recently held in China. A second time winner, after bagging the title in 2011, Shaw's amazing Popeye moment was lifting a weight of 442.5 kilos with a cartoon looking oversized barbell.

  • The fastest man on earth: Jamaican Usain Bolt has just achieved a hat trick of winning three golds at this year's World Championships in Moscow. This adds to his six Olympic gold medals as the reigning Olympic champion in the 100 metres, 200 metres and 4x100 metres relay and a 100 metre world record of 9.58 seconds. As quick as a lightning bolt!

  • Oldest man to climb the seven summits: Keeping fit and functional at 73 is impressive but what about completing your seventh summit? Spaniard Roman Blanco was just a few days shy of his 74th birthday when he completed his climb of the highest mountains of each of the seven continents. Six of these mountains were climbed after he reached the age of 60 too. Climbing Everest is impressive at any age!

  • Running man: Arulanantham Suresh Joachim started to run and just kept going, for 24 hours that is. The Australian didn't look back, completing 257.88 km (which is over 160 miles). Sometimes you have to just keep on going!

  • Record breaking collector: New York native Bob Natoli likes collecting world records and has six of them. The most recent is lifting the most weight in a barbell upright row in one hour. How much did he lift? An impressive 23, 423.51 kg.

  • The world's fittest man?: Paddy Doyle, from the UK, arguably holds the world's fittest title, with over 200 national, European, world fitness and martial arts records to his name. One of his most recent achievements is a world record for the most push-ups using the backs of the hands in 60 minutes. His final count? 1.940!

  • Mr Ironman: Are you ready for the challenge of an Ironman. If you've ever taken part then you know just how tough this event is. European Jacques Fox couldn't get enough though and travelled from Malaysia to Hawaii, completing 14 Ironman races in less than a year.

Become your own sporting hero and achieve your own personal best of the best.

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