Are you joining the fitness party?

A sense of camaraderie and community is what really sets a fitness centre apart from the standard traditional style gym environment. Today, fitness is not just about having fun but being around like-minded, supportive individuals too. And who better to work out with than your friends? Recent reports suggest there is an emerging trend, in the US at least, for fitness parties, where during birthday and other celebratory events you include some type of enjoyable working out session, where everyone can join in.

Forget late nights out at a club, or big boozy birthday bashes, the latest trend might be a party where you take part in activities or work out together instead. Or it could be that you kick the celebrations off with a few healthy activities as well. Fitness can be exhilarating and a great way to bond and share experiences. So for your next event why don't you include some activities with an action plan for some fitness fun?

Get the party started

While an invitation to workout and that's all, might not appeal if you are in the party mood, some type of activity can be a great way to get a party started. Everyone knows that exerting energy can leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized and this means that you and your guests will feel ready for the rest of the celebrations, whether it's eating or joining in with the party spirit.

Great icebreaker

Often at parties not everyone knows each other and it can take time for the event and the people to warm up. How many times have you heard people saying that a celebration was just getting going when it ended? To break the ice, get everyone excitedly talking and enjoying themselves, get them involved in shared activities. Having a focal point gives your guests something to talk about before moving onto other subjects.

Who are your invitees?

Activities where each guest can go at their own pace is a good idea. Even if you're celebrating a birthday where everyone is going to be around the same age; fitness levels and abilities vary. The aim is to include everyone, not make someone feel uncomfortable and alienate them. Think about your guests and what they would enjoy too. If you're holding a celebration for your older parents then pole dancing might not be the way forward. If you've ever cringed at a party where the music really didn't match the event then this will make perfect sense.

What are you trying to achieve?

Is a fitness party about getting fit? Well, it's really about valuing a healthy lifestyle and understanding that this is a positive part of life that can be celebrated, shared and enjoyed. However, if you are a real fitness fan do not turn what should be a fun event into a hardcore exercise workout, or make it a competitive get-together where others are put to the test and made to feel out of place.

What next?

Even if you're not planning a big night out and the activity you choose is the main event, make it special. Bring in some cake or enjoy a post-exercise glass of champagne, after you have hydrated of course. Don't forget you're celebrating! If your fitness party is the first chapter then make sure that the rest of the day or evening follows easily, so that people have time to change and get ready. Nobody wants to go from sweating it out during fun activities to an upmarket restaurant without the time to prepare.

Why don't you include some activities that everyone can get involved in next time you plan a party. Leading a healthy, interesting and fun life is certainly something to celebrate about!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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