Stop resolution excuses in their tracks!

Even if you didn't write a definitive list of healthy New Year resolutions for 2013 you no doubt have made some conscious as well as unconscious decisions to make some changes. Right? Are you forging ahead or has the year started off busy with all good intentions pushed to some 'I'll do it soon' category of your psyche? Before the month runs away with itself you might want to put the brakes on any excuses that are ruining your resolve.

No you're not pathetic or a loser if you're already weakening when it comes to changing your lifestyle and improving your health and fitness. What you are is human! The mind works in mysterious ways and while you might think that your excuses for not improving your life are valid, they're likely ones that many others are using too. If you really want to transform certain aspects of your life then your first step is to stop these so-called reasons in their tracks and get on with keeping your own promises.

Time is of the essence
You haven't got enough time? Really? Who has? If you've genuinely stretched yourself too far with your resolutions then look them over again and cut them down to a few that you can feasibly fit into your life and achieve. Everybody has time, it's more about how you choose to find the time and spend your energy. Your schedule might feel like a finite timetable but within that you can access infinite possibilities.

I'm worn out!
All the more reason to exercise and lead a healthier life then. Unless you're working out to the point of burnout then the chances are that your lifestyle is making you tired. Again, this should be motivation to make changes not to let them slip away. If you've put fitness on the back burner it might take a bit of commitment and dedication to relight your fire. Fuel your body in the right way and get out there and do something and you might unleash energy reserved you didn't know you had.

Money's tight!
Personal trainers, fitness classes and many activities do cost money. This is true. However, if you're money-wise wouldn't you invest in something that's going to reap big returns? Your health is priceless and you might find that you could cut down on spending on other leisure pursuits during your downtime. There are affordable options out there, so you owe it to spend some time looking at these options.

It's harder for me because...
Is the end of this sentence really going to stand up to scrutiny? Looking at others and deciding your unique set of circumstances leaves you at a disadvantage and could be seen as missing the point. Many people have the same demands and challenges, even if they are presented in a variety of ways. Don't look at how you can't do something but find ways that you can positively initiate change instead.

I'm not the type
If you have an archetypal image in your head of a sporty individual and picture of yourself as totally out of that box, then you're stereotyping and deceiving yourself. You don't have to train for a marathon or the next Olympics. Self-image plays a big part of keeping you stuck in your old patterns of behavior. Don't fall into the trap!

I don't like change!
Every person is changing all the time. Such is life. The issue is not really about fear of change but whether you are going to allow negatives to shape your life or if you are going to add some positive input and transformation. While it's true that different personalities adapt to changes in different ways, accept that inaction can still have an impact on your life in one way or another.

I can't give up my bad habits!
There's a difference between bad habits and addictions. If you need outside help to change certain factors in your life then you could well struggle alone. Getting help takes some gumption and some bravery. If you've let your lifestyle slide into unhealthy behavior then you're absolutely not alone but this does not mean your problems are insurmountable.

If you're looking for the perfect excuse to stop making excuses then instigate action today by contacting us and join a community of people all looking for a change for the better.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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