How does Wonder Woman workout?

Wonder Woman's workout routine

A woman's work is never done, so the saying goes. There may have been a shift in roles, responsibilities and expectations when it comes to males and females in recent times but modern women are busier than ever. Busy does not mean fitter though and though lots of ladies are rushing round like Wonder Woman they are not quite as healthy as her. Recent research suggests men are less sedentary than their feminine counterparts and that a lack of activity is making women a weaker and unhealthier sex than they could be.

Juggling homelife, relationships and work, as well as throwing in shopping, a social life and other activities can make life seem like a never ending merry-go-round of action. However, with many women having less active jobs perhaps, and more desk-based work, combined with the fact that in their free time they are less likely to take up sports, many women are simply not getting the exercise they need.

Men are nearly twice as active as women!

The archetypal couch potato might be the middle-aged man but according to a US study, women do far less exercise than men. Researchers monitored 1,000 men and women to see how much moderate to vigorous exercise they were doing. The results revealed that men were doing about 30 minutes a day, compared to 18 minutes by women.

The sitting-disease

A poll of over 6,000 people by the Institute for Medicine and Public Health in the US found that the amount of time sitting down amounted to 56 hours a week. Women who spend all day sitting at a desk before flopping on the sofa after a busy day at the office might want to consider how damaging this is to their health. Sitting for more than six hours a day can result in a 40% higher risk of dying from any cause, regardless of how fit you are. Women need to not just workout to get fit but make sure they are active and don't sit for too long as well.

Get into a routine

If you're struggling to think how you might find dedicated exercise time then you need to remember that nobody thinks they have time. You have to make time.

  • Don't sit around all day and then expect your body to kick into gear. Get up from your desk or get out of the car and move around a little. You might feel more energized to go and exercise outside of work too.
  • Look at your schedule and mark exercise time. Ever noticed that life gets in the way of plans? It can be difficult to stick to a schedule but without one your chances of doing anything might slip away. Even if you make changes it's better to have a plan in the first place.
  • Let go of something you don't need. Spending hours watching television, shopping or seeing friends? If so, then you might want to cut back and use this time to organize a workout routine. At the end of the day if your days and evenings are already crammed then something's gotta give.
  • Don't kid yourself that busy means active. Remember, busy, stressed or with lots going on does not mean that you are keeping fit. Are you doing 30 minutes of good quality exercise a day, minimum? If not, then why not? This is the recommended amount.
  • Efficient and effective exercise works. The best way to really get the most out of a workout and use your limited time in the best way is with professional help. Personal training sessions, fitness classes and many other activities led by experts in their field, can get you to a fitter place more quickly.

You might be Wonder Woman in many areas of your life but is it time you whipped yourself into better shape? Can you workout as much or more than a man? Get up and get moving by contacting us. We can bring out your real superpower within your own body.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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