Challenging personal trainer put-offs

The trend in people using the expert help of a personal trainer is really growing. Not so many years ago the sheer mention of a personal trainer might have had others looking on in astonishment at what they might have considered an indulgent fitness fad. However, if you're one of the last few remaining, who are resisting the idea but really want to improve your health and increase your fitness levels, then you might want to look at just how much weight your objections really have.

Come up with five reasons, or more, of why you shouldn't have a personal trainer as part of your fast track to fitness. As you can see it's not so difficult to come up with negatives. However, on closer inspection you might just find that not only are these ideas a little off but are often the opposite to the reality. Is it time you challenged some of the classic personal trainer put-offs?

The expense of a personal trainer is probably top of the list when it comes to why some people won't even entertain the idea. This is due to misconceptions about what is on offer out there and also a lack of focus on value for money. Yes, it used to be the case that you'd read stories about celebrities jetting around the world with their personal trainer but now it's everyone from the suburban housewife to the young go-getter in their 20s that takes this fitness route.

Cheap doesn't always mean good value for money. You could spend on classes or a gym membership and end up doing exercises that don't help you reach your fitness goals at all. A personal trainer can assess where you're at, where you want to go and where you actually need to go in terms of health and fitness. They can then set you in the right direction and get you there through a more direct process. This can save you money, not waste it.

Yet another classic view is that personal training is really only for serious fitness fans. In many ways it is a lack of self-esteem that can create this thought process. If you don't think you're worth it then you might not feel that what a personal trainer brings is worth it either. The fact is that you don't need to be fully involved in the fitness world to merit having a personal trainer. In fact, the more out of condition you are the more useful you might find it.

Other objections might be that one-on-one training is too intense. What's important here is to recognize that there's a real difference between a personalized exercise plan that pushes you at your own pace, and a gut-wrenching workout that leaves you feeling physically and mentally spent. The whole point of personal training is to be able to have an individual fitness strategy rather than randomly going for it at an intense level for the sake of it.

Going to a fitness class or working out at certain types of gym can be part of your social scene too, with a sense of camaraderie and fitness friends to chat to. The thought of a serious training session where there's no one around to shoot the breeze with might be off-putting. However, there's nothing stopping you including focused personal trainer sessions with sociable and varied exercise environments. This is actually something your personal trainer might encourage.

Another top contender for not understanding the value of a personal trainer is the opinion that it's just about motivation and they really don't need to pay for somebody to get them working out. Self-motivation is crucial, even if you have a personal trainer, as they can't do the work for you. A good personal trainer should inspire a sense of wanting to reach your fitness target and it is also having clear focused goals that keep motivation levels up.

Why not try looking at the positives a personal trainer can bring and what changes you can make and how, by finding out more about a tailor made fitness plan of action. Drop us a line and we'll be happy to help.

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