Pekiti Tirsia Workshops with Tuhon Rommel Tortal

Tuhon Rommel will be making his annual visit to the Northern Virginia area to train us in Pekiti Tirsia Kali. Tuhon will be covering weapons, sticks and open hand techniques developed by Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje, Jr., refined and taught pragmatically in a two day seminar. Don't miss this opportunity to learn with the best!

Tuhon Rommel is the nephew of Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje, Jr. and has been training since his youth. He is a dynamic teacher of combative arts and travels around the world to train military, police and protective forces. Unlike other arts that developed as a counter to warrior arts, the Filipino arts is first and foremost a proven combative system honed through years of tribal warfare and world wars. The Filipino warrior is known as a fierce and resourceful fighter, using a variety of weapons in his arsenal. Come and be part of this unique combative art to learn practical, and proven combat methods.

The seminar information:

Date: 14 - 15 July 2012
Location: First Defense Martial Arts Center
291 Sunset Park Drive
Herndon, Virginia 20170
Phone: (703) 835-9054

Price: $140 for both days, $85 for single day

For more information email Guro Marni deLeon at [email protected]

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