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2015 Youth Classes

2015 Youth Classes

2015 Krav Maga Youth Sessions, Registration & Schedule. Space is limited, enroll your 7-11 year old today!

Gift Krav Maga

Gift Krav Maga

Looking for something unique for a loved one this Holiday season? Why not gift Krav Maga!


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***Tuesday April 21st, Noon Class is cancelled***

P-level testing is on Friday April 24th @6pm

 Expert Krav Maga training in Northern Virginia.

Read the newspapers, watch TV or go online and you quickly find that we are living in dangerous times. Around every corner waits an armed junkie out to rob you, thieves queue up to break into your home and you can be murdered in the streets for the price of a cup of coffee.

All media exaggeration of course. US crime levels have been on the decline since the 90s and our streets have never been safer.

Even so, it’s not a bad idea learn how to react if you get in trouble in an unsavory area of town. By taking a course of self defense you can pick up a few tips while increasing your confidence and increasing your general fitness..

Krav Maga is an Israeli form of self defense that is practical to its core.  The focus of our classes is on giving you the tools you need to prevent or end a situation quickly.  The result is a form of combat that can be learned quickly, retained easily and, most importantly, used in real situations. Participants learn to defend themselves against all types of threats & attacks including grabs, strikes chokes and a range of weapons.

We hope you’re never in a situation where you’ll need these skills to save your skin, but our unique training methods will ensure that you’re ready and able to deal with whatever comes your way.  And self-defense skills are only part of the many benefits you will gain from training with us. Your confidence and decision-making skills will sky-rocket, you will increase your overall fitness level and stamina as Krav Maga works out all areas of your body, and you will even make new make new friends!

We offer classes for all ages and fitness levels, so if you are interested in getting fit, gaining new skills and learning the fastest growing martial art in the country, then call 703-835-9054, email, or just go ahead and sign up online for our 3 Class Introductory Offer.

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