Update on Re-Opening

If Anyone is curious about where Virginia is at about opening up fitness facilities.... Technically, we must remain closed through Phase I. https://www.virginia.gov/coronavirus/forwardvirginia/

Though we remain closed we have been offering (and continue to offer) alternative ways to train online.

Fitness and Exercise Facilities

Gymnasiums, recreation centers, swimming pools, indoor sports facilities, and indoor exercise facilities.

Phase I: Establishments must remain closed in Phase I. Establishments may offer limited outdoor fitness and exercise operations.

Mandatory Requirements
Businesses must strictly adhere to the physical distancing guidelines, enhanced cleaning and disinfection practices, and enhanced workplace safety practices provided in the “Guidelines for All Business Sectors” document. If businesses choose to offer fitness and exercise services, they may only do so in outdoor spaces and must adhere to the following additional requirements for outdoor operations:

Facilities should separate fitness equipment to ensure ten feet of separation between patrons, members, and guests using such equipment.
The number of participants in all group exercise and fitness classes and all recreational sporting events must be limited to no more than 10 participants. The instructor and all participants must maintain at least ten feet of physical distancing between each other.
Instructors and trainers must maintain at least ten feet of distance between themselves and their clients.
Employees working in customer-facing areas are required to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth, such as using CDC Use of Cloth Face Coverings guidance. Lifeguards responding to distressed swimmers are exempt from this requirement.
Provide hand sanitizing stations, including at the entrance/exit and where shared fitness equipment is utilized.
Employers must ensure cleaning and disinfection of shared equipment after each use.
Facilities must prohibit the use of any equipment that cannot be thoroughly disinfected between uses (e.g., climbing rope, exercise bands, etc.). Facilities must also prohibit the use of equipment requiring more than one person to operate, unless those operating are from the same household (e.g., free weights when it requires a spotter).
Hot tubs, spas, splash pads, spray pools, interactive play features, basketball courts, racquetball courts, and all seating in pool areas must be closed. Outdoor swimming pools may be open for lap swimming only, with one person per lane. Indoor swimming pools and related areas must remain closed.
Best Practices
In addition to the requirements provided above, establishments are encouraged to utilize the following best practices to the extent they are feasible:

Encourage patrons to wear face coverings. Face coverings may be removed while exercising as long as physical distancing is observed.
When protective equipment such as face coverings are used, launder daily and wash hands after touching/adjusting face covering while working.
Use disposable towels and linens where possible. All reusable towels, linens and other porous fabric should be laundered after single use. Store towels and linens in a closed, covered container prior to use.