Women’s Introduction to Krav Maga

Women’s Introduction to Krav Maga

This seminar series introduces women to Krav Maga system of self-defense. Over 4 individual sessions, we will have an opportunity to practice techniques and tactics and apply self-protection concepts.

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Week 1 (Fundamentals: Situational Awareness, Setting Boundaries)
Sunday, 09.29    1-3pm
In this week’s seminar, we will explore the concept of situational awareness and practice ways to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. We will learn basic Krav Maga skills and work on setting setting and enforcing boundaries.

Week 2 (Defenses vs. Common Threats and Attacks)
Sunday, 10.13    1-3pm
During week #2's session, we will continue with basic Krav Maga tools and tactics and apply those tools against a variety of threats and attacks.

Week 3 (Using our Environment and Utilizing Tools for Self-Defense)
Sunday, 10.27    1-3pm
This week's seminar will focus on using everyday objects to assist you in defending yourself. Using objects such as your bag or purse as a defensive or offensive weapon to turn the tables on an attacker. Being able to quickly identify and utilize an everyday object as a self-defense tool is as valuable a skill as striking & kicking.

Week 4 (Ground Tactics)
Sunday, 11.10    1-3pm
This week’s seminar will focus on dealing with a predatory attacker who tries to take the attack to the ground and pin you down.

Each class is designed to stand alone, but we recommend attending the entire series for the best experience. If you want to register for an individual class, please contact Dakota at 703-835-9054 or [email protected].

Location: First Defense Krav Maga, 360 Herndon Parkway #1200, Herndon, VA 20170
Cost: Full course (all 4-classes): $220; Individual classes: $60