Specialty Seminar – Controls & Restraints

Tuesday, May 29

Join KMG GIT member, Ilya Dunsky (Expert 4) for a seminar focusing on the "softer" side of Krav Maga - controls & restraints.
There are many situations where we may need to monitor our use of force and avoid striking or hitting. For these situations, we need techniques and tactics that are effective at neutralizing the threat and keeping us safe, but also minimizes damage to the individual.
Elbow lock.
This seminar is open to all Krav Maga students and is especially relevant to those in occupations where they may need this particular set of skills - teachers, doctors and nurses, caregivers, law-enforcement, etc. One of the principles of Krav Maga is appropriate action and there may be times when we need to defend ourselves from an aggressive or dangerous (intentionally or not) individual, but be unwilling (personally) or unable (professionally) to hurt or strike that individual. This seminar will touch on these kind of situations & techniques we can use to keep ourselves safe while still protecting the other person from harm as well.
Date & Time: Tuesday, May 29
Location: First Defense Krav Maga, 291 Sunset Park Dr., Herndon, VA 20170
Cost: $35 for FDKM and KMG students; $55 for General Public