New 6-week course beginning Tuesday, January 12.

We've had many individuals 55+ come into our Krav Maga classes & love it. However, there was a hesitation to join the regular mixed level classes because of 3 main factors:

  1. it was difficult to keep up with the pace & intensity of the mixed level class;
  2. they were concerned that they would hold back their training partner or not be able to function as a good "attacker" in self-defense situations &
  3. there was some physical limitation or previous injury that prevented them for enjoying the full lesson.

With these concerns in mind, we've developed a program specifically for individuals 55 & older who are looking for a slower paced class. We'll still teach the same effective techniques & tactics that Krav Maga is known for, but in a format that emphasizes mobility over cardio.

This 6-week program will introduce the student to Krav Maga principles & techniques, address falling safely and protecting yourself on the ground, and increase balance, stability, coordination & strength.