Krav Maga & Firearms Training Event

Krav Maga & Firearms Training Event

Street & Urban Defense:Defensive Tactics for Everyday Carry

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First Defense Krav Maga and Silver Eagle Group have teamed up to provide a Krav Maga & Firearms training course like no other! 

Developing the proper mindset and skills, and understanding how you will react to a stressful situation, before it occurs, is the key to surviving a violent encounter.This course takes SEG's concealed carry course one step further by combining defensive firearms with hand to hand fighting techniques.  The Street and Urban Defense course centers on preparing you for violent encounters and developing your mindset to react to the fight now, bringing equal or greater force to repel, stun and overcome your aggressor.  This is Defensive Tactics for Every Day Carry.  

Utilizing the building block approach to training, this 8-hr course begins in the classroom.  Here we cover the psychological and physical traits of a violent encounter, draw techniques, natural point of aim, methods of engagement and dry fire practice.  From there you will progress into a session of Krav Maga learning gross motor skill strikes and techniques to retain your firearm, repel an attacker and control the situation.

On the live fire range, we will bring together the draw, striking and near threat shooting.  Utilizing the striking dummy you will combine the previous lessons and apply them to live fire training.  The course culminates in high stress scenarios in our urban training area.  These drills will bring together everything that you have learned throughout the day in a real life situation where you will be attacked and forced to respond.  Applying proper mindset and techniques, you will fight off a live role player, create space, draw your firearm and effectively control the attacker.*

Topics Covered:

  1. Aggressive Mindset
  2. Situational Awareness
  3. Escalation of Force
  4. Draw Techniques – Open and Concealed Carry
  5. Natural Point of Aim
  6. Near Threat Shooting
  7. Gross Motor Skill Striking
  8. Firearm Retention
  9. Reacting Under Stress
  10. Overcoming Violent Encounters

* All scenario training is conducted with marking rounds and converted training pistols provided by SEG.


June 13, 2015
@ Silver Eagle Group
44620 Guilford Dr #100
Ashburn, VA 20147

*****This course is limited to 12 participants. Please register early to ensure a place in the course.