Krav Maga Foundations Course

A 4-Week Course for Beginners

Practice tactics that will help you avoid, prevent or de-escalate conflict.
Learn the techniques to stop an aggressor quickly.
Develop the mindset to make effective decisions even under stress.
Get physical - Krav Maga is a workout with a purpose!

Your guide for these 4-weeks is the First Defense Krav Maga Instructor Team - a group of the highest ranked Krav Maga Global Instructors on the East Coast.


13606885_1343804858981607_8358028461873560319_n"The owners and staff at First Defense are totally dedicated to making Krav Maga challenging, yet fun to learn. Since I started at FDKM I've become much more confident that I can defend myself, I've gotten quicker, stronger, and more fit than I've been since I was a kid. The instructors prioritize safety and correct technique and will work with you individually to modify techniques and exercises as appropriate. . . I can't recommend this place enough." -D.D.

What would you do if you became a victim of violence?

Have you ever thought about trying out self-defense classes but didn't know where to start? Have you seen Krav Maga on TV & movies and wanted to try out the moves for yourself? Are you hesitant to jump into regular classes because you feel you need to be more fit or have a limited schedule or . . .?

In the First Defense Krav Maga Foundations Course, you'll have a unique opportunity to learn methods of prevention, de-escalation and a wide range of life-saving self-defense techniques in a structured, 4-week format. This course can be a stand-alone experience, but we find that most participants use it as as stepping stone for entry into our more expansive program where will continue to build on the techniques, tactics, and mental capacities you'll be introduced to throughout the 4 weeks.

The First Defense Krav Maga 4-Week Krav Maga Self-Defense Course

A short list of the material we will cover includes:

*Effective Striking Using Hands, Elbows, Knees & LegsIMG_2083
*Defending Strikes
*Releases from Chokes
*Releases from Headlocks
*Escaping Bearhugs
*Releases from Wrist Grabs
*Using Common Weapons for Self-Defense
*Defending Yourself on the Ground
*Dealing with Stress
*Developing the Proper Mental Attitude

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Finish the year strong! We're offering just one more 4-week Foundations Course this year. There is a limit of 20 participants and we do expect this course to fill up so please register early.

At our NEW! location:
First Defense Krav Maga
360 Herndon Parkway, Ste. 1200
Herndon, VA 20170

Monday and Wednesday evenings 7-8pm
November/December Foundations Course - Nov 26 - Dec 19 - REGISTER HERE

Family discounts are available.
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*As always: Free for current First Defense Members!*

Meyrav Elbow"I LOVE Krav Maga and this training facility. I signed up myself and two kids (teen age girl and 23 year old son) for the foundation classes. Krav Maga is the most interesting and challenging self defense there is. The very patient instructors are amazing and give you all the personal attention you need (I seem to need quite a bit). Be warned- you will sweat profusely and be pushed to your limits. You will wake up the next morning with bruises and aches and you will LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT. . .!" - E.M.


Your Instructor at the First Defense 4-Week Krav Maga Foundations Course

nick-masiNick Masi

When you want to learn Krav Maga and a self-defense system that can make a difference in your life, and quite literally at that, you only want to learn from the very best.

The very best is what you receive at First Defense Krav Maga.

You will be taught a wide range of Krav Maga techniques by Nick Masi, Head Instructor at First Defense, and his team.  Nick has been a professional instructor for over 15 years, is the highest ranking Krav Maga Global Instructor on the East Coast and serves on the United States National Team of Krav Maga Global, tasked with the development of new schools and instructors in the US & Canada.

Learn Krav Maga - Learn Self Defense for Life!

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