Introductory Offer for Juniors


How to get started in FDKM’s Junior Program:

First Defense offers an obligation-free 3-class trial package for $19.97!

The 3 trial classes allows your child to meet and get to know our instructors, get a feel for what our classes are like and understand the context of what we are doing and why.

How to Get Started


Step 1

Check out the schedule below and sign up for your first meeting with our instructors. This will redirect you to your shopping cart to complete the purchase.


Step 2

Sign our Waiver beforehand saving you time on your first visit.


Step 3

Enjoy the empowerment of Krav Maga training!

You can always purchase the trial pass at our studio in person or over the phone at 703-835-9054. If you need help scheduling your first session (if there is a day/time that you prefer that isn’t on our schedule below), please give us a call or email. We are more than happy to help!

Return/Refund Policy

The 3-class trial pass is nonrefundable. However, we would be happy to transfer the pass to another individual if you are unable to utilize it. Please contact us at 703-835-9054 for details.