Hosted Programs

First Defense also occasionally hosts specialized classes and workshops for other instructors and organizations. Currently we are hosting the Northern Virginia Shuai-chiao Club and the Reston Fencers Club.

Chinese Shuai-chiao

Shuai-chiao (commonly translated as “Chinese Wrestling”) is an ancient traditional Chinese martial art that specializes in throwing techniques striking, kicking, and joint locking. Shuai-chiao teaches how to trip, take down and throw opponents and is an integral part of police and military training.

At our school, we incorporate all aspects of the art in our training including strength and conditioning exercises, competition and self-defense applications, specialized training drills and apparatus, and Grandmaster Chang’s Tai-chi and Hsing-Jin.

As home of the Northern Virginia Shuai-chiao Club, First Defense is the only school in the Washington, DC metro area to teach this time-tested martial art style and classes are open to young people and adults.

Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm. Ages 8+ are welcome to attend.

Contact Head Coach Nick Masi for more information.


First Defense hosts Coach Ilya Lobanenkov for private sessions and summer Fencing camps.