2019 SOS Workshop Series

2019 SOS Workshops

Seminar One-offs Series

Starting this January 2019, First Defense Krav Maga will start offering a monthly workshop series - our "Seminar one-offs Series".

Every 2nd Friday of the month from 7-9pm, we will host a "one-off" seminar on a specific topic relevant to Krav Maga self-defense. Each seminar is designed as a stand-alone event - no previous Krav Maga or martial arts experience necessary.

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January 11th: "Hands Off!" - We'll kick off 2019 and our Seminar one-offs Series with learning how to make releases from a variety of common grabs & holds (and better yet - how to not get caught in the first place!)

February 8th: "Snow Bound" - This seminar takes the limitations of bulky winter clothing into account. Not only can winter jackets, hats, gloves & scarves limit our movement, they can also be used against us by a sly attacker. 

March 8th: "In the Line of Fire" - Learn to deal with pistol threats the Krav Maga way.

April 12th: "Getting the Jump" - Fighting Tactics is a pillar of Krav Maga training & sometimes we have to take the initiative and act preemptively in dangerous encounter. Typically in self-defense scenarios, we have to react to the bad guys actions. In this seminar we learn how to get the jump on the bad guy instead.

May 10th: "The Cutting Edge" - Knife threats and attacks are two different beasts. Here, we will cover the basics of how the Krav Maga system deals with both.

June 14th: "On the Trail" - In this seminar, we will take to a local park (weather permitting) and handle the scenario of an attack on the running trail or parking lot.

July 12th: "The Bodyguard" - Like "fighting tactics", "protecting others" is a pillar of Krav Maga training. Whether stranger, friend, or family member, we will learn techniques and tactics to use if the situation calls for us to protect others.

August 9th: "Control the Situation" - Not all situations can be (or should be) solved by a swift kick to the groin! In this seminar we will work on techniques to control and restrain someone when high-levels of violence are not necessary or appropriate.

September 13th: "The Worst Place to Be" - Although it's said that most fights go to the ground (and some even start there), it's not a place we generally want to be in a fight. September's seminar will deal with the realities of being on the ground when the attacker is still on their feet.

October 11th: "Stick it to Them" - Sticks or stick-like objects can be a deadly tool in an attacker's hands. Learn how to effectively neutralize the advantages of an attacker armed with a blunt object.

November 8th: "Environmental Awareness" - There's no rule saying a fight has to be fair. Learn to recognize objects in your immediate environment that can be used in defensive or offensive manner and put them to use.

December 13th: "Surrounded" - For our final SOS Workshop for 2019 we'll look at scenarios involving multiple threats or attackers.

5-Session Pass - $745

***5-Session Passes will be available through July 2019.***

Sessions can be purchased individually for $149. Please call 703-835-9054 to make a reservation for the session you would like to attend.

***Additional discount available for current FDKM members. Please contact Dakota for more information.***