July 7th, 2014

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August 6th, 2014

womensfitness_July31_AOne in five women are put off sports because of their bras! That's according to recent research in England, but women's issues with finding the right support during exercise and feelings of embarrassment are not confined to the UK alone. However, the solution is to make sure you wear the right clothes for exercise, and that includes undergarments. If you're holding back from keeping active then is your bra putting you off exercise?

Are bras a barrier to exercise?

According to a survey by the University of Portsmouth's Research Group in Breast Health, in England, breasts are a barrier that stops many women from getting involved in activities such as exercise and sport. Out of 239 participants, 17% were put off activities as a direct result of their breasts. The reasons were connected with not being able to get hold of the right sports bra and also feelings of embarrassment by a visual lack of support.

What else stops women from exercising?

Whilst women's breasts might stand in the way of a good proportion of women getting fit, this reason ranked fourth. The top three reasons the women in the survey were not exercising was because of lack of energy, lack of time and health reasons.

Is wearing the wrong bra so important?

Lack of support, because of the wrong bra, does not just lead women to feel self-conscious but can cause breast pain too, as well as risk damaging the Cooper ligaments which are tissues that connect the breasts to the pectoral muscles. Once damaged these are irreparable.
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August 5th, 2014

exercisegeneral_July31_AKnown as the 'silent' killer because there are so few symptoms, if any at the early stages, pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer. However, research suggests that nearly 40% of pancreatic cancers could be prevented with some healthy lifestyle changes. What many health professionals are now asking is: "Could exercise combat pancreatic cancer?"

The deadly facts

It's a grim reality that in the US over 30,000 people a year are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Most of these people are over 45 years old with the vast majority being over 55. Along with these numbers, what really makes pancreatic cancer such a dreadful disease is that it is usually only diagnosed in the late stages and the survival rate beyond five years is just 5%.

Why is the survival rate not higher?

Currently there is no screening for pancreatic cancer and tumours can be fairly small too. On top of this there are seldom any real symptoms until the disease is fairly advanced. Abdominal pains and jaundice, as well as weight loss and fatigue are just some of these later-stage symptoms.

The causes are not clear

To suggest that keeping trim and giving up bad habits can help avoid some pancreatic cancers, the fact is that there are different causes of cancer and variants. It is not about holding individuals responsible because of their lifestyle choices, which may or may not have had an impact but just improving the statistics by being as healthy as possible. Sara Hiom from Cancer Research in the UK, who are concentrating more funding on research for pancreatic cancer, explains. "Cancer is a complex set of diseases. For some, lifestyle can play an important role, and is one aspect of the disease that we have some control over. Pancreatic cancer is a disease with poor outcomes and is less well understood, so it's important that we talk about the things people can do to stack the odds in their favour and reduce their risk."

Cancer and exercise

As well as playing a role in preventing some forms of cancer, including potentially 40% of pancreatic cancers, exercise is a great way to boost your immune system and ensure that you are not carrying around potentially dangerous excess weight. Stopping bad habits can also encourage an all-round healthier lifestyle too, as long as you don't exchange one vice for another.
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July 30th, 2014

womensfitness_July29_AWhereas in the past the focus of many health clubs was on men and male fitness, there is a growing interest in women's health. Gone are the days when all women could do was don a pair of ankle warmers and jump into an energetic aerobics dance class. There a growing number of trainers who specialize in female fitness which matches the increase in women becoming interested in improving their fitness levels and working out to enhance not just their physiques but also bring benefits to their whole being. However, there are still some exercise excuses used by women all too often!
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July 29th, 2014

exercisegeneral_July25_AIf you don't believe in yourself then you're not going to set and achieve goals, and so you really are setting yourself up to fail and creating a self-perpetuating motion of defeat. Add in some age-old classic exercise excuses and you can easily avoid creating a healthy lifestyle now and also find detours on the road ahead. However, if you want to change your fitness outlook then it's time to make a commitment to a fit future.
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July 23rd, 2014

womensfitness_July23_AStereotypes of women abound in action movies. Women tend to be the characters who are either part of the sub-plot or are frightened and need protecting at every turn. However, in reality, many women have a strong sense of adventure and are willing to try out new ideas and experience new situations, as well as face challenges along the way. Women are strong and resilient and if you are too you might want to transform your lifestyle by making your fitness journey an adventure!
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